Daniel Martijn de Bruin

Topic: In vivo optics (16:05 - 17:15)

Dr. Daniel Martijn de Bruin
Amsterdam UMC

Title: Optical Coherence Tomography during urological surgery


Several oncological surgery scenarios, such as suspected lesion finding, lesion differentiation or tumour margin clarification will benefit from real-time and quantitative imaging. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) systems interfaced with needle based or endoscopic catheters are developed to address these scenarios. Additional light-tissue based quantification of the acquired data also allows for tissue stratification, such as the assessment of tumour grade (aggressiveness) and stage (invasiveness). We will present the latest results of quantitative OCT in urology during minimal invasive surgery of urothelial cancer and percutaneous (through the skin using small needles) diagnosis of kidney cancer. 


Martijn de Bruin is principal investigator at both the departments of urology and biomedical engineering & physics at the Amsterdam UMC. He holds multiple grants on several projects and published over 120 papers covering novel optical and digital diagnostic imaging technologies and focal therapeutic modalities of benign and malignant disease.