Davide Iannuzzi

Topic: Integrated & Embedded Photonics

Davide Iannuzzi, PhD, MBA

Fiber-top technology and beyond: looking at the past with an eye on the future


Over the last decade, fiber-top technology has been used in a wide variety of fields. In this talk, after a short explanation of its working principle, I will discuss how fiber-top technology can help researchers to better understand the role of mechanics in life sciences, or, if our current experiments in optical fiber sensing will give the expected results, I will focus the discussion on the use of our sensors for monitoring arcing phenomena in power transformers or for detecting methane leaks in oil and gas plants.


Davide Iannuzzi is professor in experimental physics at the VU Amsterdam. He is a co-founder of Optics11 and founder/director of the Demonstrator Lab Amsterdam. He is the author of a very successful book (“Entrepreneurship for physicists”) and has received several recognitions, including three ERC grants and the NWO-Physics Valorization Award.