Dook van Mechelen

Topic: Teraherz Optics & Photonic systems (10:15 - 11:15)

Dr. Dook van Mechelen
Eindhoven University of Technology

Title: The path of THz technology to the consumer market


Although research of the past decades has opened up the previously called THz gap, today there are hardly commercial applications using THz radiation. On the other hand, the EU Chips Act – aiming to double the current chip production in the EU by 2030 – pushes the design and development of novel generation chips operating at THz frequencies. In this talk I will present the status quo of the technology in the context of the myriad suggested THz applications. Subsequently, I will discuss a path where upcoming technological advances and large volume consumer applications could meet.


Dook van Mechelen is an associate professor at TU/e focusing on maturing THz technology and spectroscopy for industrial and consumer applications by studying fields of light-matter interaction, innovative signal processing and customer demands.