Ewit Roos

Session opening Integrated & Embedded Photonics

Ewit Roos

PhotonDelta the Gateway to Integrated Photonics


Ewit Roos, CEO of PhotonDelta, will speak about PhotonDelta and will provide you the latest insights from our ecosystem. 


Since January 2019 Ewit Roos is CEO of PhotonDelta Foundation. His main responsibility is realization of the goals in the National Plan Integrated Photonics, stimulate new activities and maintain intensive contact with companies and relevant industry for expanding the ecosystem. He was already managing director of PhotonDelta since 2016. Before this position he was as of 2011 managing director of BrightMove. Aside from his CEO role, Roos advises both national and regional governments and public bodies on early stage funding topics and is involved in several funding companies and initiatives. Roos started his career in with Waste Management Inc. where he became responsible for corporate affairs and business development in The Netherlands. After 6 years of corporate work, he started a new IT recycling activity in the Waste Management group.