November & December 2020
January & February 2021

Online event

Webinar 'Photonics for Agrifood'

Tuesday 8 December
15:00 - 17:00

Grégoire Hummel


Title: The power of combining 3D & Multispec for plant Phenotyping


In this talk we present a sensor principle that combines 3D with multispectral information. It is a new and unique sensor fusion concept that merges data on a hardware level. The sensor was specifically designed to assess crops for many appliation in plant science, plant breeding and agricutlure. It is independent of sunlight and can be used for greenhouse- and field applications. We will present the basic principle of the sensor and how the sensor is used in plant phenotyping with different use cases.


Grégoire Hummel, PhD – Co-founder CEO, is plant scientist and earned his PhD at the Research Center Jülich and Max Planck Institute Jena, two world leading institutes in plant science and plant phenotyping. He worked in an interdisciplinary team of computer scientists and physicists and co-developed several methods for automated and non-invasive assessment of crops. After his PhD he worked within a European project together with growers on methods to improve crop management with remote sensing technologies. Grégoire identified a major need for automated assessment of crops in the marketplace that became the framework for Phenospex products. Grégoire founded Phenospex in 2011. Phenospex is today the market leader in the field of digital phenotpying and develops and sells sensors and analytics pipelines to automated many processes in plant science, breeding and agriculture.

Company description:

Phenospex builds smart sensors and software to analyze plants in any environment. With these high precision tools we automate entire phenotyping processes for plant science, breeding and agriculture.
The main sensor, PlantEye, is a 3D-multispectral laser scanner, specifically designed to assess crops. It provides many plant parameters like plant growth, biomass and plant health in real time.
Phenospex automates many processes in plant science, breeding and agriculture where precise information on plants is required. Our sensors are also used in smart farming/ farming automation robots as the eye that detects and analyzes the plants.