Imran Avci

Topic: Integrated & Embedded Photonics

Asst. Prof. Imran Avci
VU University Amsterdam

Photonics integrated circuits and their biomedical applications


A photonic integrated circuit (PIC) is a complex integrated circuit, which incorporates many optical devices to form a single photonic circuit. PIC is analogous to an electronic integrated circuit where you use photons instead of electrons as the information carriers. PIC devices are compact, energy-efficient, fast, and cost-effective. It is expected that this new technology will cause a revolution similar to that of electronic chips had forty years ago. For this reason, PIC is becoming increasingly common many different areas. Today, I will talk about their biomedical applications. 


B. Imran Akca received her PhD at the University of Twente, in 2012. Between 2013-2015 she was a postdoc at Harvard Medical School. As of September 2017, she is an assistant professor at the VU University, Department of Physics and Astronomy. Her research combines integrated optics with different imaging and sensing modalities.