Keynote speaker: Pol van Dorpe

We are very proud to present our key note speaker, Mr. Pol van Dorpe from IMEC.

In a very enthusiastic way he will present from his background as a scientist to connect to devices and applications. A special introduction to the program of the rest of the day. 

His presentation will take place immediately after the opening of the conference.

Title: Photonics: innovative technology to enable new applications


Optics and photonics has revolutionalized several fields, in data communication, microscopy and sensing. Integrated photonics leverages the advances in large scale integrated electronic circuits to achieve large densities of photonic functionality on a single chip. These advances pave the way for further improvements and, also in completely novel device concepts. In this talk I will review the advancements in the field and shed some light on the applications that are and will be enabled.


Pol Van Dorpe (PhD, KULeuven, 2006) was a postdoctoral fellow of the FWO-Flanders (2006-2012), based in Imec, and worked on plasmonics for biosensors and energy harvesting. Since 2012 he is a principal scientist in the life sciences department of Imec where he leads a team working on biophotonics and is a part-time associate professor at the KULeuven. His main research focus is enabling novel applications in the life sciences field using integrated photonic concepts. He published >140 papers in peer reviewed journals and obtained >5000 citations.