Marco Snikkers

Topic: Agriculture & Food

Marco Snikkers
Ocean Optics

Opportunities and challenges of photonics in the food and agriculture


Maintaining food safety and integrity across vast and occasionally vulnerable systems is an ongoing challenge complicated by factors including pressure to increase food production to meet population growth; the threat posed by harmful microorganisms and pesticides; and the potentially dangerous consequences of food fraud.  But there’s good news: Issues regarding food safety and integrity have inspired a new generation of testing and screening methods with optical sensing technologies like portable spectroscopy at their core. As this presentation explores, a combination of spectroscopy tools and the software algorithms that analyze the spectral data those tools produce can help to provide faster, simpler to use and more easily deployed screening and analysis tools throughout the food chain.


Marco Snikkers is a sales, marketing and business development professional with more than 20 years of experience in the photonics industry. He joined the applied spectral solutions provider Ocean Insights in 2005 and was commercial director for Ocean’s sales and marketing team in Europe, headed the US based PIXELTEQ multispectral imaging spin-off as the VP of sales and marketing and now he collaborates in his new role with leading food producers on custom solutions for quality control, sorting and food safety screening.