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Online event

Webinar 'Women in Photonics'

11 February: International Day of Women and Girls in Science

Thursday 11 February
12:30 - 14:00

Monique Schutten

Te Lintelo Systems

Title: 25 years living the photonics life


I would like to take you through my journey of 25 years living the photonics life. Which bumps have I encountered, but most important was, how did I solved them.


Monique has a Photonics background, with a BSc degree in Physics, with a specialization in Photonics obtained at the TH Rijswijk. Since September 2013 she is working as a Sales Engineer at Te Lintelo Systems.

Company description:

For more than 35 years Te Lintelo Systems represent prominent suppliers from all over the world for the Benelux countries with well-educated engineers, experience and knowledge. 
Over the years we developed the specialism in the field of:
• lasers
• fiber optics
• optical components
• spectroscopy
• imaging
• interferometry
• opto-electronic equipment
• light metrology
• And much more……

 Together with our high end suppliers we have the answer for you! Te Lintelo Systems is your reliable source and long term partner. Service on all levels is for us our daily business. Our experienced team is fully equipped to assist you with finding your best optical business solution.

Te Lintelo Systems, photonics. our passion!