November & December 2020
January & February 2021

Online event

Webinar 'Photonics & Artificial Intelligence'

Tuesday 9 February
15:00 - 17:00

Soheil Jahanshahi


Smart farming without human touch


Soheil Jahanshahi is 36 years old and an Entrepreneur and Robotics engineer. He’s holding a master’s degree in autonomous robotics. Previously he has a working experience as CTO & co-founder and software engineering.  He founded Mythronics in 2018. The vision of the company is to help farmers grow fresh and healthy crops with less (human) resources using deep learning and computer vision technology.

Company description:

Mythronics is a B2B AI startup that offers growers end-to-end software services to manage, monitor, and optimize the health and productivity of their crops. The company has currently 5 members and is supported by expert advisors in the food science and robotics domain.