Workshop 'Prof meets CTO'

Time TBD
This interactive workshop will be held parallel to one of the conference sessions. During this workshop lecturers of The Hague University of Applied Sciences, Fontys Hogescholen and Saxion University of Applied Sciences will explain current practice-oriented research projects and discuss new developments and the possibilities or ideas for new projects. But they also would like to know what subjects you, as a company, are interested in and and how this can be requested and elaborated in a project. And what trends do you see and how can more research be done on this? 
The three universities of applied sciences have lecturers and research groups who are engaged in practice-oriented research in the field of (integrated) photonics. These groups are involved in the National Growth Fund proposal PhotonDelta. You will also find them in the exhibitor area with a table top where they can also answer your questions.
In short: an interesting workshop to attend