Richelle Hoveling

Topic: Healthcare / Medical

Richelle Hoveling, MSc
Quest Medical Imaging

Making the invisible visible with fluorescence image-guided surgery


An overview of the current and future applications of fluorescence image-guided surgery will be given based on case examples. 

The prism based imaging technique of the Quest Spectrum surgical platform enables surgeons to create contrast between biological tissues that are indistinguishable with the naked eye. This contrast is created by using fluorescence imaging in which biological structures are visualized with fluorescent tracers. Due to the imaging in the near-infrared, just outside the spectrum visible to the human eye, the system can provide additional information to the surgeon to improve their decision-making-process during open and minimal invasive surgery.


Richelle is research scientist at Quest Medical Imaging, part of the Quest Group and developer of the Quest Spectrum Platform. Richelle has been active in the field of medical and forensic biophysics since 2012 and is currently involved in several internal research projects and clinical trials.