Theo Ruers

Topic: Healthcare / Medical

Theo Ruers
The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI)

The use of optical imaging in cancer surgery


Surgery is the only cure for many cancer types. In up to 20% of patients, however, surgery is inadequate because  tumor tissue is left behind. In these cases the surgeon’s ability to recognize tumor tissue by visual or tactile feedback during surgery falls short. To improve the precision of cancer surgery, there is an unmet need for an intra-operative tool to identify the tissue at the resection margin. Optical imaging methods may provide such a tool, as optical properties of healthy tissue differ from tumor tissue. The role of optical technologies, such as DRS and hyperspectral imaging will be discussed.


Theo Ruers is head of the division Surgical Oncology at the Netherlands Cancer Institute NKI-AVL. His clinical expertise is focused on liver and colorectal surgery. He supervises multiple international studies based on the next generation of clinical research. In particular, focused on the development and introduction of new image-guided methods.