Erik Bakkers

Topic: Quantum Photonics (14:15 - 15:35)

Prof. dr. Erik Bakkers
Eindhoven University of Technology

Title: Towards lasing from hexagonal SiGe


Silicon and germanium cannot emit light efficiently due to their indirect bandgap, hampering the development of Si-based photonics. However, alloys of SiGe in the hexagonal phase are predicted to have a direct band gap. In this work, we exploit the unique feature of the nanowire growth mechanism to control the crystal structure. We show efficient light emission from hexagonal SiGe, up to room temperature, accompanied by a short radiative life time of around a nanosecond, the hallmarks of a direct band gap material. The next challenge is to demonstrate lasing from this new material.


Erik Bakkers received his PhD in Physical Chemistry in Utrecht in 2000. Worked at Philips Research from 2000-2010. Erik is full professor since 2010 at TU Delft and TU Eindhoven. Since 2017 only at TU Eindhoven