November & December 2020
January & February 2021

Online event

Webinar 'Photonics for Agrifood'

Tuesday 8 December
15:00 - 17:00

Matthias Locherer

Cubert GmbH

Title: Real-time Assessment of Food Quality through Video Spectroscopy


In this talk we present a sensor principle that combines 3D with multispectral information. It is a new and unique sensor fusion concept that merges data on a hardware level. The sensor was specifically designed to assess crops for many appliation in plant science, plant breeding and agricutlure. It is independent of sunlight and can be used for greenhouse- and field applications. We will present the basic principle of the sensor and how the sensor is used in plant phenotyping with different use cases.


Matthias Locherer has been joining Cubert since more then 3 years and is responsible for all sales and marketing activities in the company. Matthias studied Geography in Munich, in his PhD thesis he analyzed the potential of the hyperspectral satellite mission EnMAP for agricultural applications.

Company description:

Cubert GmbH have been developing and manufacturing hyperspectral snapshot cameras for almost a decade. With these cameras, a complete three-dimensional data cube, the hyperspectral image, is taken within a blink of an eye. The snapshot optical technology has been the foundation for the development of the Cubert video cameras, allowing time-saving hyperspectral image acquisition. These innovative cameras are being used in a wide range of applications from UAV-based remote sensing measurements to lab-based imaging integrated with microscopes.