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Photonics Now In The Future

Overview of the Dutch Photonics roadmaps landscape

Peter van Arkel
The Netherlands has an excellent position to bring photonics into numerous markets. We have a high scientific level in important photonic segments (Dutch universities and NWO initiatives) and a highly qualified high-tech industry with specific nano-electronics and mechatronics expertise. Dutch internationals like ASML, Philips and OCE/Canon are significant players in the photonics area, but the Netherlands also has more than 120 SMEs already embracing photonics for innovation. A smart photonics ecosystem in the Netherlands addresses the complete value chain.
Deze NetwerkActiviteit wordt mede gefinancierd uit de MIT-subsidieregeling voor TKI MKB-versterking via Holland High Tech’.
"This Network Activity is partly financed by the MIT subsidy scheme for TKI SME reinforcement via Holland High Tech."

Campus Tour


(Dutch Plant Eco-Phenotyping Centre) greenhouse of Unifarm.
The NPEC Tour is a tour through the NPEC greenhouse, one of the newest greenhouses of Unifarm. In this greenhouse a lot of technology can be found that enables fast and easy analyses of plants. This project is a collaboration with the University of Utrecht and NWO (Dutch Organisation for Scientific Reearch), to encourage scientific research in the Netherlands. Many different kinds of research take place in this greenhouse, for example on tomatoes, quinoa or potatoes. The NPEC Tour is given by students that give campus tours regularly and can share their own experiences as student of Wageningen University with participants as well. A tour at NPEC lasts approximately 45 minutes. The starting point is the reception of Unifarm.


OnePlanet Research Center is a multidisciplinary collaboration agreement between Wageningen University & Research (WUR), Radboud University, Radboudumc and imec
In this tour, the following photonic developments at OnePlanet will be addressed: photonic integrated open-path gas sensing, laser diffuse reflectance spectroscopy for fruit quality assessment, laser speckle imaging of plant sap flow, microneedle/fiberoptic probing of fruit sugar content, waveguide enhanced raman spectroscopy of protein solutions and lidar-based imaging towards autonomous pruning in the orchard


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