Anna Tchebotareva

Topic: Integrated & Embedded Photonics

Anna Tchebotareva, PhD
Qutech / TNO

Quantum Photonics: Compact, stable and scalable devices for quantum technology


The past decade was marked by tremendous progress in the field of quantum science and technology. This involves generation, distribution, storage, and processing of quantum information. Photons are frequently used as qubits, as they can carry quantum information over long distances while having little interaction with the environment. Further advancements of photon-based quantum technologies require increasingly complex quantum-optical setups that are bulky in size, difficult to operate, and have poor stability and scalability. On-chip photonic devices could offer intrinsic stability, better scalability, and compactness. In this talk I will review some of today’s efforts on research and development in the emerging field of quantum photonics.


Dr. Anna Tchebotareva received her PhD in Experimental Physics from Université de Montréal (2003). She worked as a postdoc in the groups of Albert Polman (AMOLF) and Michel Orrit (Leiden University). She received a NWO-VENI award in 2005. In 2011 Anna joined TNO-Optics department, where she currently works as a Senior Scientist.