Jean-Paul Linnartz

Topic: Free space optical communication ( 11:45 - 12:45)

Prof. Jean-Paul Linnartz
Eindhoven University of Technonlogy

Title: Densifying wireless access: optical beams
as a logical next step towards massive IoT


The amount of traffic carried by our wireless networks grows at an exponential rate. The vast majority of data will reach end users that are inside buildings, where many users are using the same network. Extrapolating a trend of higher communication needs per device (bit/s) and a densification of client devices (bit/s/m2), Jean-Paul Linnartz will describe the potential and the challenges in using optical wireless links.
Using light to communicate wirelessly inherits the potential but also limitations from fibre communication and from RF radio communication.


Jean-Paul Linnartz is a Research Fellow at Signify and Professor at TU Eindhoven.
As a senior director at Philips, he previously headed research groups in security, communications and in IC design. His work has been cited 11,000 times (GS) and his work has been the technical foundation for three start-ups.