November & December 2020
January & February 2021

Online event

Webinar 'Photonics & Artificial Intelligence'

Tuesday 9 February
15:00 - 17:00

Stefan Abel


Title: Ultra-efficient light control in Silicon Photonics


Lumiphase is a Swiss start-up founded in 2020 and brings a novel electro-optic Pockels technology embedded into photonic integrated circuits to the market. The application fields of Lumiphase photonic chips span across high-speed communication, sensing, and optical computing. Lumiphase designs, manufactures, and tests photonic chips for customer-specific requirements. 

Company description:

Dr. Stefan Abel is Co-founder and Co-CEO of Lumiphase AG and driving the development and commercialization of Lumiphase’s innovative Pockels switching technology. Previously, Stefan spent more than 10 years at IBM where he invented new optical phase shifters based on ultra-efficient electro-optical materials integrated with standard silicon photonic products. At IBM, he was leading the R&D activities and client interactions on Pockels modulators and developed multiple new applications in the fields of optical communication, novel photonic computing, and sensing with light.