Mike Wale

Topic: Integrated & Embedded Photonics

Professor Mike Wale

Indium Phosphide Integrated Photonics: From Research to Manufacturing


The Netherlands has long been in the forefront of research on InP integrated photonics worldwide and over the last decade it has played a leading role in making this technology accessible to researchers and users in a wide range of application fields.  Major initiatives are presently underway to bring this technology to the next level of maturity through the development of manufacturing pilot lines.  These initiatives will be pivotal in providing companies of all kinds with access to mature, high performance circuit technology, with fast turnaround and high yields.   We anticipate that pilot lines will be instrumental in transforming the industry and opening up major new markets.   The talk will review current activities and show how the capabilities presently being built will offer major new opportunities for industry.


Wale is Professor of Photonic Integration – Industrial Aspects at Eindhoven University of Technology and Professor of Integrated Photonics at University College London.   He has more than 35 years of industrial experience in integrated optics, most recently as Director Active Products Research at Oclaro (now Lumentum), based at Caswell, UK.