Paul van Zuijlen

Topic: Healthcare / Medical

Prof. dr. Paul van Zuijlen
Red Cross Hospital Beverwijk

Photons & Burn surgery


Nowadays people even survive extensive burns and their wounds can be closed with skin transplantation techniques. However, the quality of the healing process is still poor. Innovations in photonics are important for improving burn operation and the outcome thereof. Examples of this are the laser-doppler imaging technique that ensures a better diagnosis of the depth of the wound and techniques like multiphoton microscopy and OCT that are being used to better visualize and understand the most crucial part for the quality of human skin, the collagen network. The importance of development in the field of photonics for burn care safety is discussed in the presentation.


Paul van Zuijlen is plastic surgeon and medical director of the Burns Centre in Beverwijk. He is endowed professor in burn care and involved in research projects on photonics and burn care.