Dima Bederak

QDI Systems
Dr. Dima Bederak obtained his bachelor's degree in chemistry from the National University of Kyiv, Ukraine, in 2013. He then pursued a Master's degree in nanoscience at the University of Groningen, graduating in 2015. During his time at Groningen, he joined the Photophysics and Optoelectronics group, where he completed his PhD thesis on Colloidal Quantum Dots under the supervision of Prof. Maria Loi. Since 2019, he has been working at QDI Systems, currently holding the position of R&D and Product Manager.'
Freespace Optical Communication

Kees Buijsrogge

Kees Buijsrogge holds a Science and Policy degree from Utrecht University (M.Sc., distinction). Over 11 years at TNO, he has contributed in various capacities to applied research in High Tech Systems applications. Initially focusing on business development, he transitioned into managing research groups in TNO's defense domain. Since 2012, he has served as Research Manager of the Optics Department in Delft, overseeing the Optics Manufacturing unit. Appointed Director of Space & Scientific Instrumentation on September 1, 2017, he leads the unit's strategic vision, aligning objectives with societal needs in Satellite Communication, Earth Observation, and Astronomy. His mandate also involves enhancing Dutch commercial competitiveness in international value chains. Beyond TNO, he holds positions on supervisory and advisory boards in fields including pediatric oncology and space exploration.
Photonics for Automotive



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